Orchestra Conductor Richard Howarth

Orchestra Conductor Richard Howarth

Richard Howarth brings a wealth of experience and energy to orchestral conducting, inspiring both musicians and audiences. He is able to draw on a distinguished career as a violinist, having led and directed orchestras for over thirty years.

Richard enjoys working with top quality professionals as well as training and educating amateur and youth orchestras. He has maintained a love of classical music throughout his career as a player and leader, which he brings to the role of orchestral conductor.

Richard's passion for music is apparent in every performance. His depth of musical knowledge gained from working at the highest level with leading orchestras, and his love of the music by great composers, results in assured and compelling performances.

Richard also conducts/directs Manchester Sinfonia, a new professional orchestra which performs concerts, accompanies choral groups and is available for recording sessions.

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Latest From Richard

2 June 2015

Our performance of Mahler Symphony No2 "Resurrection" was one of the musical highlights of my life (and I've had a few). It was a pleasure and a privilege to conduct Wrexham Symphony Orchestra and a choir of 140 voices (Chorus Master, Jill Henderson Wild) at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on Saturday 30th May. Add two wonderful soloists; Rebecca Afonwy Jones and April Fredrick, and the recipe is assured. Wrexham Symphony Orchestra is an amateur orchestra which, like many such groups, rehearses weekly for a couple of hours or so. The experience for everyone to perform in one of the best concert halls in the country would have been sufficient reason for all the hard work in organising such a massive event. An experience it certainly was, but it was more than that. The result in musical terms was outstanding notwithstanding the amateur nature of the event. One of my professional colleagues (whose favourite piece ever is Mahler 2) who came to support us was genuinely generous in his praise of the performance. The reaction from the audience plus a standing ovation was a sign that we'd managed to hit the spot. I was thrilled that after all our work the whole performance gelled into such a musically convincing experience. There was a moment in the last few bars during which I really didn't want the piece to finish so I held on to the penultimate bar a tad longer than perhaps I should! But then I could because I was in charge! Life changing? Yes. Life enhancing? Most certainly.

Blackburn Symphony Orchestra reach their 50th anniversary this year and to celebrate this milestone the orchestra's President, Martin Roscoe, will perform the mighty Emperor Piano Concerto by Beethoven on 11th July. It's always a pleasure to work with Martin. We go back a long way. Firstly in accompanying orchestras then chamber music and now as conductor. What a journey!

Wrexham Symphony Orchestra have asked me to complete their Mahler cycle. I'm delighted and look forward to Symphony No5 next July followed by No9 and No8 in subsequent years.